Step 5

Planning prevents dietary mishaps

When embarking on a weight loss journey, it is a good idea to choose an eating plan that appeals to you and fits in with your lifestyle. There are many eating plans out there, but a few that appear to be more popular, effective and sustainable include the Keto diets, the Banting diet, low kilojoule, balanced diets like WeighLess and Weigh Watchers, the Paleo or caveman diet, intermittent fasting and vegan or vegetarian diets.

All of these diets have advantages and disadvantages. Discuss your diets options with your doctor or registered dietician.

Once you have chosen an eating plan, plan your daily meals and snacks accordingly at least a day in advance and ensure that you have everything available that you will be consuming the following day. When you’re hungry and don’t have healthy food options available, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Again, as with food diaries, there are many apps available to assist you in planning your daily meals and snacks, whatever diet you choose to follow.