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ReliSlim is a schedule 6 medication in South Africa and a schedule 4 medication in Namibia. You would need to consult your doctor for a prescription.


Vascamen is a herbal supplement aimed at addressing and preventing some of the symptoms related to modern health conditions that affect men mainly related to the urogenital system.


Vascafem is a herbal supplement developed specifically to address the symptoms and causes of some lifestyle-related disease specially affecting women.


Dermamend cream is intended to aid with multiple minor skin problems. This includes skin allergies, diaper rash and cracked lips, heels and elbows. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties it may improve minor skin rashes.


Rumamend cream is intended to aid with mobility in painful muscles and joints. Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties it may also reduce pain and inflammation due to sunburn.

Turbo Energy

Life sometimes asks of us to perform that little bit better to reach our goals. Whether it’s a particularly hard day at the office, an important meeting with clients, a one-on-one with the boss, a tough game of your sport of choice, a long drive or a strenuous workout, Turbo Energy can help you put in the extra effort that is needed.