7-Step Programme

Step 1 – ReliSlim & Kel 6

Take ReliSlim and Kel 6. Both ReliSlim and Kel 6 were developed to assist you in losing weight or maintaining your weight whatever your weight loss approach.

For ReliSlim S6 please consult a doctor.

Step 2 – Get moving

Research has shown that by only changing your diet you will probably not be successful in losing weight in the long term. You also need to increase the amount of energy that you expend every day. Not only to lose weight, but also to benefit your health.

Whether you’re only taking the stairs rather than the lift or whether you decide to start a full training programme with a personal trainer, any moderate increase in physical activity will increase weight loss.

Luckily, with the ReliSlim 7-Step Programme™ we suggest nothing dramatic, and we stand firmly behind the principle of baby steps.

Step 3 – Food choices

Be aware of your food choices When we start thinking about what we put in our bodies, things will start changing. With awareness comes the ability to change.

Step 4 – Regular eating

Eat more meals

You know how it goes. You jump out of bed in the morning, rush to get yourself showered and dressed and then it’s all about getting the kids dressed and fed before school. You hardly have time to grab something to eat before you rush out of the door. Then you get busy at work. The only thing you consume until 11:00 is four cups of coffee. Eventually at lunchtime you’ll have something to eat, and then it’s famine again until supper.

What are we doing? We’re basically telling our bodies that we’re starving for the biggest part of the day, and because we usually don’t eat breakfast our metabolism never even wakes up. Our body stores everything that it ingests, because it doesn’t know when it’s going to be fed again.

Step 5 – All food groups

Eat from all food groups in the correct proportions

Most weight loss diets say that you should exclude this or the other food group from your diet. Most say cut out fat and oils, others say cut out sugar and some even say cut out carbohydrates. This is incorrect. Our bodies need food from all the different food groups, but in the correct proportions.

Step 6 – Drink water

Our bodies consist mostly of water, so it is essential that we drink enough water. When we are trying to lose weight, water plays a huge role in ridding our bodies of toxins. What most people don’t know is that it is possible to drink too much water. The usual indication is eight glasses of water per day. This is only and indication, and might be too much for a specific individual. Listen to your body.

Step 7 – Maintain weight

Don’t yo-yo. Maintain your weight

Once we have entrenched your new way of life, maintaining your weight becomes easier. ReliSlim and Kel 6 are excellent tools to help you maintain your weight.